There is an ETT team that is in need of some support and they are asking only becuase they are very remote, way out on the edge and have no way to get to a PX on a normal or regular basis. These guys are truly on the front lines of the Global War on Terror. If you are motivated to “support the troops” then here is your chance, becuase they need it.

Some of the things they are looking for are:

* Microwaveable goods
* Instant oatmeal
* Baby wipes, especially anti-mircrobial baby wipes
* Books
* Movies
* Power bars
* Laundry soap (single wash packets are great)
* Hygiene items
* Chocolate
* Misc. junk food
* Cigars
* Copenhagen
* Skoal
* American cigarettes
* Anything else that strikes the hearts… thank you.

I know some people may have an issue with sending tobacco products, but becuase there have been instances of US soldiers being poisoned after buying cigarettes and dip off the local market, they are no longer allowed to purchased any from the local market. Since there are no PXs downrange, these men are hurting. Trust me, being away from family and loved ones, getting blown up by the Taliban, being blown off by the Afghan Army, and ignored by the leadership will drive any sane person to some sort of vice. They need to release somehow so a smoke or a dip isn’t a bad way to do it. And to be quite honest, getting cancer is the least of their worries during their year on the ground.

If you would like to help out and send something, please do me a favor. Comment on this blog entry that you are, and then email me at for the address.