ETT Team needs your help

There is an ETT team that is in need of some support and they are asking only becuase they are very remote, way out on the edge and have no way to get to a PX on a normal or regular basis. These guys are truly on the front lines of the Global War on Terror. If you are motivated to “support the troops” then here is your chance, becuase they need it.

Some of the things they are looking for are:

* Microwaveable goods
* Instant oatmeal
* Baby wipes, especially anti-mircrobial baby wipes
* Books
* Movies
* Power bars
* Laundry soap (single wash packets are great)
* Hygiene items
* Chocolate
* Misc. junk food
* Cigars
* Copenhagen
* Skoal
* American cigarettes
* Anything else that strikes the hearts… thank you.

I know some people may have an issue with sending tobacco products, but becuase there have been instances of US soldiers being poisoned after buying cigarettes and dip off the local market, they are no longer allowed to purchased any from the local market. Since there are no PXs downrange, these men are hurting. Trust me, being away from family and loved ones, getting blown up by the Taliban, being blown off by the Afghan Army, and ignored by the leadership will drive any sane person to some sort of vice. They need to release somehow so a smoke or a dip isn’t a bad way to do it. And to be quite honest, getting cancer is the least of their worries during their year on the ground.

If you would like to help out and send something, please do me a favor. Comment on this blog entry that you are, and then email me at for the address.

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  1. LL,

    Looks like they will enjoy some smokes for a while then, doesn’t it? LOL

    I had a good stockpile to pull from, but from the list above, will need to prioritize my shopping list again. And these dang boxes need to be bigger!

    Troy, how many guys are we talking about here? Cookie baking session to be taking place soon…

  2. I have 4 or 5 boxes of books,(hardbacks and paperbacks), that I have collected. Would love to have address to send one or two of them!

  3. Hi,
    Myself and a few friends from work are putting together a collection and want to send these guys some stuff. I’ll send you an email for details.


  4. Microwaveable goods, Instant oatmeal, Baby wipes, especially anti-mircrobial baby wipes, Hygiene items, Microwaveable goods. Can you send chocolate? They discouraged it for Iraq because of the heat. Microwavable goods, like popcorn or those instant meals? Is there a limit on box size?

    1. You can send chocolate, especially now becuase trust me it is friggen cold where these guys are. Micro meals like chef-boyardee, popcorn, anything. Flat rate boxes from the PO are the best. One price and you can cram them with as much weight as you want.

  5. this is the first year I don’t know someone personally in Iraq and i lost track of my colonel friend in AF so if you don’t mind, my wife and I would happy to put together a care package. not so much tobacco but other stuff.

  6. I will be glad. To send our troops what ever I can. To help them Out. My son is in Afghanostan. I will be praying
    for you guys. Keep the faith. Don’t lose heart. Please
    the address. Where I need to send


  7. Please send the address. I send boxes weekly! My Soldier is getting ready to come home NOW (with your son!). ITS SO HARD TO GET NAMES.
    Please Pleasr names and address! Hey Thanks Troy, for ALL you do.
    Sister of a Soldier

  8. I have never mailed anything to Iraq or Afganistan. Is there paperwork to file out, security issues, forms for the post office ?

    1. Ann,
      You have to fill out a customer declaration. The people at the PO should be able to help you out. They are pretty straight forward. The rule of thumb is to be cafeful on description. Try to make it vague. People in the Army mail system like to take packages that appear to have attractive things in them.

  9. Hooah!! Way to go Troy! The Guys at Bagram PO won’t know what to do when they have to ship all this lovin in to OUR Guys!

    Thank each and every one of y’all for stepping up. Now there’s a little matter of another 500 soldiers awaiting adoption over at Soldiers Angels… Kapish?

  10. Okay,I am confused! Have books as well as lots of food I bought tonight….but the flat rate boxes (for the military) are just too small! Should I find some larger boxes to mail? I checked at Any Soldier, and they mention taping all around the edges, across the width and length….is this necessary? I’m a newbie on this, so some advice from you folks who have been doing this would be most helpful! Thanks!!

  11. I can help you Betty. The box you need is the Large Flat Rate Priority Box. It will cost $10.95 to ship. You may have to pack and re-pack your box. Its like a puzzle, but you will be surprise how much you can and can not get in the box. The paper work- MAKE SURE YOU MARK AIRMAIL PRIORITY (its right below the description) IF YOU DON’T it can take months to get there because it can be sent by ship! Also DO NOT pack food with smelly stuff or the food will taste funny. I put all food in zip lock bags (just in case something happens, it doesn’t get all over the other stuff you send. Hope this helps everyone.
    Oh by the way, My Soldier and 180 others hit USA Soil last night, We are so excited! WELCOME HOME SOLDIERS!

  12. oh, sorry Betty, YES tape tape tape! You should see us taping the boxes, we use our elbows, hips, chest and boobs to get the box closed and taped! I have so much fun in sending boxes to our Soldiers, nice warm feeling. And our Soldiers live for the boxes to arrive.
    I am so Sorry Troy, due to my excitment last night, I didn’t get my box together and out. But it will be on its way today!

    1. Thanks for the help there TerryChick. Since I was usually on the receiving end of boxes and my wife ships out all the ones to our son and other soldiers, I am not as up on all the “tricks of the trade”.

  13. Thanks so much for the tips, TerryChick! That $10.95 rate box is way too small, though, for the soups. I CAN just use other size boxes? (I ended up purchasing 16 of everything…soups, mac ‘n cheese….boxes of oatmeal, hot chocolate, popcorn, etc. Bags of candy) I guess I need to take the packets of oatmeal, hot chocolate, popcorn out of the boxes so they will pack “flatter”. Just found a 18x18x18 very sturdy box in my closet….Is something this large allowed to be sent? I don’t care what it costs me to mail it….just want the guys to get it. Am scared to send numerous small boxes because it appears from reading his blog that they are having major problems even getting packages and mail now! (I am thinking that large box is maybe too large to be transported to the FOB).

    What is the largest box you recommend? (besides the flat rate that is 12x12x51/2)?

    I also have a “Ready Post” mailing carton that is 15x12x10. It’s deeper than the Flat Rate one…maybe I should go with that. And pack two of them. Grrr….this is so frustrating.

    Sorry to be so dense……but want to get it right the first time!! LOL…I don’t see how you spouses, families, friends got ANYTHING in those original flat rate boxes, unless you sent numerous ones at the same time!!

    How many CAN I mail at one time? Is there a limit???

    1. DENSE-NO NO NO!!! I have just started sending boxed to our troops, and i still have the same question you have, so thanks for asking them!! I agree the flat rate boxes a just TO small!! I will try the larger ReadyPost.

  14. I have only used the 12×12 boxes. You can send as many as you want. I sent 18 boxes at one time. (Post Office was not to happy but oh well – THATS THEIR JOB)

  15. Well, I got it done! Mailed two of the 15x12x10 “Ready Post” cartons, and the flat rate APO box for the books.

    I separated the food items into the two larger boxes, with the hope that at least ONE of them makes it to the guys. (It really makes me mad to think that these boxes are not only not being timely-delivered to the units at these far-away sites, but that they are even stolen or broken into by others!)

    I was told I had to describe the items a little better than just “food”….that made me cringe a bit…….

    This was my first attempt……I’ll certainly do it some more!

  16. Hi Troy,

    Thanks for posting this team at Books for Soldiers. As you know first-hand, there is nothing we like better than to send BFS love to the ETTs! 🙂

    And if I may hijack your comments section for a moment to speak to your readers….

    For anyone who’s new to sending packages to the troops or who would like another way to support more troops in Afghanistan and other places around the globe, Books for Soldiers welcomes your participation. We’re always looking for motivated volunteers, and we have an active bulletin board system where you can post your questions on shipping, etc. and get fast answers from the moderator staff.

    And of course, if Books For Soldiers is not the right “fit” for what you’d like to do, we’re happy to steer you to other troop support organizations that might work better for you. The main thing is to provide support, no matter how you do it! 🙂

    Site Admin
    “Care Packages for the Mind”

  17. I would like to help, I can send items from APO in Greece, have access to Navy NEX, should have something in the mail at the end of the week.

  18. If the ETT you mentioned is taken care of, I’d be happy to send my package to another one if you can get me an address.

    There must be a bunch of guys in the same situation.

    I’d like to help out.

    Dave K
    USAF Vet

    1. I am sure there are many, in fact I know there are. I don’t know of any others personally. I would suggest checking out or if you are wanting to help. They are great sites who are dedicated to the task of supporting the troops. As of now, I think these ETTs are probably going to be pretty well taken care of.

  19. Troy,

    I know any package sent now won’t make it in time for New Years even but I believe in spreading the cheer out over a longer period.

    If they or any other unit you know of needs some support, please send em their addresses.


  20. Troy,
    My son and his friends are coming home and I have two boxes ready to go…I would love to send them to folks who really need them, thanks.

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