Bloggers Roundtable with Col Haynes

Last week I sat on another Blogger’s Roundtable about Afghanistan. This one was unique because the person we were interviewing, Marine COL Haynes, was not in Afghanistan. He is back at his normal duty station in Japan, and I think this allowed us to have a much better roundtable than normal. COL Haynes was RCAC Commander for 201st Corps in Afghanistan and is someone I have had the pleasure of interviewing before.

After the interview was over, I definitely felt like he was much more open and more descriptive and honest than I normally hear on these. I am sure it was becuase he was not under the command of Afghanistan anymore and felt more at ease about telling the truth or at least as close to it as he could.My friend Andrew Lubin asked questions about a recent Operation called Golden Spike, while I focused on things like corruption in the Afghan Army, and enforcing a Uniformed Code of Military Justice.

I encourage you to listen to the interview by either clicking here, or if you have this blog loaded as a podcast in your iTunes, you can download the interview and listen to it later.

You can also read COL Haynes bio here,

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