I don’t think this is a good idea and I have to say I am not looking forward to seeing the outcome. The Afghan military and in fact the entire government is corrupt to the highest levels. This is a known fact and not a new revelation from the Bouhammer. The steps that worked in Iraq were great for Iraq. AFGHANISTAN IS NOT IRAQ!!! It isn’t.

Anyone that has been to both, to include many in the recently returned 2/7 Marines will tell you that Afghanistan it nothing like Iraq.

When I give my briefings on Afghanistan I tell people that there has been no other war in our lifetime like the one in Afghanistan. The only thing that is similar is that people die the same. They bleed the same, and they are ripped apart by IEDs the same. That is about the extent of it.

I am so happy that the tactics and techniques used in Iraq work, but as noted on here several times and by many other leading experts (to include CJCS Mullen and GEN Petreaus), the steps taken in Iraq will not work verbatim in Afghanistan. The people in Afghanistan are desperate, they have nothing, they live on dirt, in dirt and they farm dirt. One village that was not far from my FOB had 50 families living in it and all they did was pick up big rocks and carry them about 2 miles one way to a quarry to sell them for the quarry to crush them for gravel. Yep, that was all they did. There was no farmland around them, there was no skill or trade for anyone to practice. They simply picked up rocks by hand (like aluminum cans) and carry them to a rock crusher. This is one small village out of tens of thousands, some of which have never seen an American.

Iraq has oil production and a way to generate revenue. What does Afghanistan have? Opium, and nobody wants that exported. There is no tax system, there is no national product to export in order to raise money. The country lives off of the handouts from the USA and NATO. So who is going to pay these guys one day when we leave? The government? With what? We pay their salaries now that it is.

So if you are getting paid to be a militia and you know that the day that Uncle Sugar leaves so will your salary, do you think you are going to let Uncle Sugar leave? No, you would start planting IEDs yourself to keep the place unsafe and keep Uncle Sugar-Daddy right there.

All this will do is make Afghanistan an even bigger welfare state than it already is. And trust me it is nothing more than one big hand sticking out looking for your free money.

The quote below from the article says a lot in the few short words.  The only ones with decent weapons are those that use them against us. If they want to make a difference by using the local populace, they need to EDUCATE the local populace. We have to provide the people of Afghanistan another means of knowledge besides whatever the corrupt and anti-coaltion mullah says on the loudspeaker in the center of the village.

“their salaries “won’t be close” to what Afghan soldiers or police earn and that, as in Iraq, they will not be given weapons. “They’re generally already armed,” adds the official traveling with Gates.”

I started this post saying I don’t think I will like this idea. Now that I am done writing, I know I don’t like it and in fact it pisses me off.

Bouhammer arrrggghhhhh….

3 thoughts on “AFGHANISTAN IS NOT IRAQ!!!”

  1. Keep on Bouhammer arrrggghhhhh… ing ! ! ! Mil bloggers educated the world to the true situation in Iraq. It looks like it’s up to mil bloggers to show the world the real picture of Afghanistan. In a radio interview, Michael Yon, just kept saying “No, you don’t get it. It’s beyond primitive here, it’s jurasic park primitive.” So few Afghanistan bloggers, so much knowledge deficits.

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