A man of character

This is another reason why I have loved having President Bush in office. He is a man of character and values. So what he screws up a word every once in a while or speaks from emotion when he says things like we will get them “dead or alive”. The man is truthful and shows his heart to all. He does not put on that fake persona like Bill Clinton did or many other politicians do from both sides of the aisle.

I will truly miss him as President, and for all that have bashed him over the last eight years, you will to one day, you will too.


1 thought on “A man of character”

  1. Amen! Unfortunately, most Americans do not want a President who acts in the best interest of the Nation regardless of the popularity of the action. I wonder if the “Blame America First” nay-sayers will apply the same standards to the next administration.

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