After I got back from Afghanistan in May of 2007, I wondered if I would keep this blog up or not. Part of me wanted to quit blogging so I could focus on other things and put Afghanistan behind me, but part of me wanted to keep the word out there, and not let the country and the great things our soldiers are doing there fall off the radar.

My first decision was to at least blog for a few months to talk about the reunification process. As I gathered stats on the traffic coming to my site, I realized that the interest never waned and many people kept coming to this site in order to hear about Afghanistan and what was happening there.

So why am I still blogging now that I have been back for 18 months? Because of emails like the one below, which I got yesterday.

“My husband is deployed in Afghanistan right now and I just wanted to say thank you for being one of the folks who gets me through each day.

I was a company commander during the first Gulf War and that seems like a boy scout outing compared to what is going on out there now.

Thanks for your compassion for soldiers…”

Yep, to know that there are Americans out there who are being helped by this blog is a big reason of why I spend so many hours out of my life keeping this blog up.

Bouhammer Out…