Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

That is a phrase from the French which translates into “The more things change, the more they stay the same”.

As per CNN this morning “More than half of the people named so far to Obama’s transition or staff posts have ties to former President Bill Clinton’s administration.

Now that is what I call change…..NOT!!

Some other examples:
Dashcle for HHS
Clinton for Sec of State
Holder for AG

I predict the following:

The ignorant*, uninformed and easily swayed sheep of this country who voted for the big O because he brought HOPE and CHANGE are not going to vote in 4 years. In fact I think many will turn their back on the political process well before hand once they see that the big O is going to be nothing more than a puppet for the Clinton-ites. The young and dumb will wonder what Change will will like since most of what it is starting to look like are the faces of the Clinton administration.

I can’t say I blame the Obama for turning to so many Clinton folks, I mean who does he know? He is the most inexperienced President this country has ever put into office and short of his new special adviser whom he met when she hired Michelle Obama into the Chicago’s Mayor office back in the day, everyone else is past Washington insider….the same Washington insiders that the American people who voted for the Big O wanted a change from.

Well guess what people, you are about to reap what you sow. In the words of my past Battalion Commander and friend….”Hope is not a method”.

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Please, Please, PLEASE do me a favor and watch the video below. It is not some right wing freak or Bill O’Rielly or even Ann Coulter. It is plain, every day citizens like you that voted. These interviews were done as soon as they came out from voting. The power of the vote is a powerful thing. How can it be left in the hands of such uninformed people? The questions are real, the correct answers are on record. We need to institute a national exam in order to vote. If you are ignorant*, you should not be allowed to vote. That SHOULD BE THE LAW.

*Definition of Ignorant as per
1. lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man.
2. lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact: ignorant of quantum physics.
3. uninformed; unaware.
4. due to or showing lack of knowledge or training: an ignorant statement.

5 thoughts on “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”

  1. Ok, I got near the end, and the questions were…disingenuous. Obama did NOT use the words “redistribute the wealth.” So asking which candidate said that isn’t fair. Which candidate said “if you spread the wealth around, I think it’s good for everybody” would have been more “scientific,” but then again, this isn’t really a scientific poll.

    Yes, I’m being picky. But if they are gonna do that Palin/Tina Fey bit about seeing Russia from Alaska versus her house, they shouldn’t try word games with the voters either.

    I’m just kind of sick of “my side is better because WE don’t pull that stuff” when it’s not true. As evidenced by my email about ArmySergeant and the beating she’s taking on other blogs. Yeah, the Right is jussssssssst as nasty as the Left sometimes.

  2. Troy, I listened to your podcast and as soon as it ended my iTunes went straight into U2’s “New Year’s Day.”

    It was eerie.

    Keep on keepin’ on, Top. It’s gonna be okay. Or not. We as a country have done some silly things, but so far no one has been able to kill it. Change? Probably not so much. Time and actions will tell. The first 90 days will set the tone. From there we will see what the next 2 to 4 years will look like. Disillusionment to follow.

  3. It’s worse than what that video reveals
    the test from the link below was given out and people including those who work for our own government failed
    some of the results are astonishing

    “The results reveal that Americans are alarmingly uninformed about our Constitution, the basic functions of our government, the key texts of our national history, and economic principles.

    * Less than half can name all three branches of the government.
    * Only 21% know that the phrase “government of the people, by the people, for the people” comes from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.
    * Although Congress has voted twice in the last eight years to approve foreign wars, only 53% know that the power to declare war belongs to Congress. Almost 40% incorrectly believe it belongs to the president.
    * Only 55% know that Congress shares authority over U.S. foreign policy with the president. Almost a quarter incorrectly believe Congress shares this power with the United Nations.
    * Only 27% know the Bill of Rights expressly prohibits establishing an official religion for the United States.
    * Less than one in five know that the phrase “a wall of separation” between church and state comes from a letter by Thomas Jefferson. Almost half incorrectly believe it can be found in the Constitution.

    Americans from all age groups, income brackets, and political ideologies fail the test of civic literacy.”

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