New Cadre of War Reporters Panel

Below is a video by CJ of the last panel of the Milblog Conference. I was invited to sit on this panel and was extremely honored to do so. JP Borda ( and Bad Voodoo’s War), Toby Nunn ( and Bad Voodoo’s War), and Christian Lowe ( teamed up with me to discuss military blogging and their part in it. This was one of the last panels of the conference and was very well moderated by Greyhawk of Mudville Gazette.

The New Cadre of War Reporters from Nathan Long on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “New Cadre of War Reporters Panel”

  1. the discussion from this most recent milblogging conference is interesting. Sounds like many good ideas were kicked around. I’m working on a project about how the Army could better encourage Soldiers to blog and have started a blog with the primary purpose of discussing the ideas and challenges surrounding this: You seem like one who could lend some valuable ideas based on your experience – I’d appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!

  2. Very interesting video. The sound was not the best but for the most part; was understandable. Not the fault of the panel I am sure. LOL Thanks for sharing this as I did find it very informative.

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