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  1. Big Mistake!
    The problem with America’s system is that there is too much room for strategic change. People have voted for this Marxist, because he promises change, like Blair promised modernity.
    This guy won’t achieve anything positive.It is just one more nail in the coffin of white America.

  2. Thank you Son!! You took the words right out of my mouth. I have always said a person’s color should have nothing to do with our selection for President or any office. The single most important criteria should be the ability to make the best decisions for our country. I too am thoroughly disgusted with the election results and can only say “God is STILL in control and ALWAYS will be.” I have to depend on Him to see us through this terrible mess we are in.

  3. At the end of the day, we have a Demo Prez and Congress.

    We couldn’t elect Britney Spears/Brad Pitt, so we elected a celebrity. For all our sakes, I hope things will get better, but we shall see. I hope the enthusiasm of the Obama supports maintains when taxes (personal and business) rise, and programs get cut. And I pray for our military, and also for the Iraqi people, who cannot see this as a plus.

    Oh course they voted for race. People actually said that to the news. So it’s ironic – we want a colorblind society, and people are celebrating “breaking the racial ceiling”, but in fact, those folks are supporting exactly the attitudes they were against. It doesn’t get more ironic than this.

    Last time we had this (demo congress and prez), it was under Clinton. Let’s see what “unity” will accomplish. I predict the same old thing. Obama, does center, and congress demos go into factions. Because everyone want’s their hook-up from Obama. When his doesn’t, just watch how quick the media turns on him (or not).

    I expect the stock market will drop, and the economic problems will continue. I wish the Obama supporters would go out and spend $500 each. That would a be $31B stimulus to business. I’d like to see Obama and Congress call for that, instead of given tax rebates to those those who pay no taxes. We are approaching the point where over half of adults pay no taxes (right now at 40%, and it will rise.) It cannot be maintained.

    I’m pretty sure the tax hikes will hit everyone. We are already a HIGHLY taxed nation. I ran the numbers, and between Fed, State, Property, Sales and other taxes, I keep about 30 cents for every dollar I make. And I am not by any stretch rich. Sure, I am better off than some poor soul in Dafur, but where I live, I am “middle class”.

    Expenses rise to meet income. What we need is the freeze McCain suggested. The gov’t system is not designed to save money – it’s model is to waste it. The more you give, the more is spent. Energy independence is a good thing – and we need financial independence too, instead of expecting China to own this country’s debt.

    Bush, I think history will show, got a bad hand, and made the best out of it. 9/11 (and the expansion of gov’t) and the Afghanistan and Iraq wars) basically ballooned federal spending. It was going to happen. But the REAL damage was from Greenspan, Congress, Wall Street greed and Clinton appointees (sorry you can’t blame Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on Bush), and the whole subprime problem.

    I have to stop now…because nothing will change. Starting today, I am tightening my belt. I have to, in order to hope my family can weather the next 8 years of economic.

    I remember when the state raised property taxes to the point where my dad was going to lose our house. I remember the concern/fear/shame on my parents faces. We were “middle class” (actually lower-middle) No one from the gov’t was there – the only thing that saved us from being out on the street was an uncle who loaned him (unasked) a little bit to tide us over for a month. Family did it, not gov’t.

    I remember my dad losing his job, and having to swallow his pride (and mom pushing him) to apply for unemployment. He had worked for 25 years with no handouts, and it was very hard for him – as he stood in line with people who had little interest in working and just wanted their check.

    I remember my family having to use food stamps at the grocery store where we had shopped for years. We knew everyone. I remember the looks from people – the contempt in their eyes – we were “poor” now. But as my mom, said “you can’t eat pride”, and kept us going.

    I remember going to bed hungry.

    I hoped my kids would never go through that. I’ve worked hard to make things better for my family. I have a very modest home. My cars are modest (<25K; no Lexus/BMW/Cadillac for me.) I have basic cable. My clothes come from Lands End.
    However, I still have to work – sure, I have a rainy day fund (again hard work and planning), but that is just to tide us over until the next job. If I was out of work for a long time, it would hurt – a lot.

    Like lose your 401K hurt. Like lose your house hurt (or move to a worse place). Like sell you car hurt. Like food vs healthcare choice hurt.

    I am “rich” in that my family is healthy. I try to instill the right values. But in terms of $, I am not envied by anyone outside of “the hood”.

    I begrudge no one their wealth – that’s the American way. Hell, I want to improve my lot as well – just as I have been doing all my life. I just wish our leadership would promote the fiscal responsibility to do this.

    When I see people in low-income housing, driving $50K cars, with satellite TV (full package) and Xbox, Playstation, and designer clothes, hanging out and smoking and drinking every day (this is not hyperbole), I wonder if we really have our priorities straight.

    I’m just ranting now I suppose; Michelle Obama said it was the first time in her adult life, she was proud of her country. For me, it’s the first day I’ve been ashamed (and fearful of the future.)

  4. Not get climb on the race issue, but just a comment. Obama is African-American in the same way Charlize Theron is African-American (although. His dad was native Kenyan; she is from South Africa. But he is “black” and she is “white”.
    His father did not go through the slavery struggles of “native” African-Americans.

    Regardless, now that Obama is president, there is NO excuse for any “people of color” (or anyone) to claim disenfranchisement. If he can do it, you can too. Oh, you just need parents (actually in his case, grandparents) that instill a good work ethic and if you work hard in life.
    You know, like most “Americans” (no ethic prefixed needed)

    Whether or not you like the election results, one thing is clear – American is unlike any other country. Where else have they gone from “Jim Crow” type laws to a person being president in 2 generations? Nowhere!

    This is why America will always be great (far after this election and Obama’s term) – people around the world see this, and say (sorry to borrow Obama’s line) – “Yes, we can.”

    This country is still the beacon of opportunity, even if our gov’t (and we) aren’t always making the best choices.

  5. Amen! Wonderful commentary (I can handle the cursing, and I know others who might not, but who cares)! I personally don’t know where to begin in my amount of disappointment, but just know that there REALLY are many others out there who feel the same way as you. Now we just have to find productive ways to have our voices heard and taken seriously when grave matters are put on the table with this new administration so they can act appropriately and not actually screw this country like we think they will (one can always hope that might work ;)).

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