WTF, Ask him why don’t you?

How is this, not on the headlines of every major newspaper in the country and in the first 3 minutes of every televised newscast? Why is this being swept under the rug? I can understand the MSM liking one candidate over another one, but jeazzuz people, how is he getting away with this? I want to hear McCain call him on this tonight. I want to hear John McCain ask him to his face if he did this. This is a straight yes or no answer. There is no grey area or spin talk. It is like when I ask one of my son’s “did you hit your brother?” and they start to talk their way out of it and I say “STOP. DID YOU OR DIDN’T YOU, IT IS A ONE WORD ANSWER”

The tough questions need to be asked, they need to be asked now, and they need to be asked by EVERYONE.

Ohh, and one more thing…this is a crime. Barack Obama has violated the Logan Act ( Clear and simple gross violation.

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