Update on tonight’s show

Don’t forget to tune in tonight at 7pm EST/6pm CST for this week’s You Served Podcast.  Folks, this is a show you do NOT want to miss.  I’ve been trying to get someone from Iraq Veterans Against the War to come on the show for weeks.  One has stepped forward and accepted the challenge.  We will talk about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the war on terror, Winter Soldier, the upcoming elections, and what makes an IVAW Soldier.  It’s quite possible that they’ll double up on me since I invited another member that I’ve been debating on my other blog.  Not a problem, I like the odds.

We will also get a phone in from Iraq blogger Big Tobacco who is currently deployed in Iraq.  He blogs at http://www.sargeasmic.com/ and will only have a short time to be with us – if he can even find an open phone.  He should be calling in right at the outset of the show, so tune in early or be forever relegated to listening to the archive!!  Remember, it’s 0300 where he is during the show.  This will be the show’s first combat call in (and not the last, I promise).

One last addition, we will have S.E. Cupp who wrote “Why You’re Wrong About the Right also on the show. So there are 3 guests on within 90 minutes and this is the first time that CJ and I are both co-hosting. This is not a show to miss.

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