Top 10 things I learned in Vegas

Here is my play on the Dave Letterman Top 10 list about the things I learned while attending the milblog conference in Vegas a few weeks ago.

10. You can sleep when you are dead.

9. Do all nightclubs keep wheelchairs handy to wheel out passed-out patrons?

8. Putting hundreds of milbloggers in a room with only 6 power outlets is not a real good idea if you want them back next year.

7. Having a party at the Penthouse Club is a great ice breaker the night before the conference starts.

6. What happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas when bloggers are around.

5. Next time bring business cards for my milblog so I don’t have to write on so many bar napkins.

4. Using your son who is deployed as a reason to get your picture with 4 Penthouse Pets works out well.

3. Hanging out to the wee hours of the morning in clubs and casinos is a great way to show other bloggers you are not a “stick in the mud”

2. Vegas is no fun without a wing-man.

1. When last call comes after a 4 hour open bar, you would be surprised how many crown and cokes one can hold in two hands.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 things I learned in Vegas”

  1. I am glad you let your hair down, at least that is what I read. You know bloggers…

    I am just sorry I never saw it…

    And to think I mistook you for a serious type

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