Here is the BBC Radio Interview-Updated

For those of you who did not get a chance to listen and would like to, here is the link to click so you too can listen to the BBC Radio Show I was on today,

It was an interesting show to say the least. I guess it was actually being recorded in the most liberal city we have, San Francisco. I did not realize this ahead of time, but it became clear just a few minutes into it. There were two hosts who were in London I think, and then a few other guest from San Francisco area, and from Afghanistan also. Needless to say the “experts” from America were as far left as they could be. One of the guests, (you can figure out who by listening) was a left leaning whack that would make Michael Moore look conservative.  She actually said American forces dropping precision guided bombs and missiles and accidentally killing civilians is just as bad and equal to the Taliban forces that massacred over 30 people on a bus this weekend, to include beheading six of them.

I knew there was no changing of minds here, but it was a chance for me to get the message out. I was encouraged to hear one of the guests from Afghanistan support what I was saying, which was that security is the first step in order to restore the country, develop its infrastructure, and provide for its people. I was also glad to hear a few people email into the site slamming the far left loonie on her views.

Overall I was glad to participate and flattered that they asked me to be part of this panel (for lack of a better description). With so many guests on the show plus people calling in with questions, I did not get the chance to say all that I wanted to say. However in an email after the broadcast one of the show’s producers told me that they would probably have me back on in the future as they liked what I had to say and I came across well and articulate.

So we will see what the future holds, but for now click on the link above and listen to old Bouhammer take on some of the arm-chair quarterbacks from the ultra liberal left.

UPDATE-Check out and read some of the 97 comments on this blog. This is the blog for the radio show, which received many comments during the show and afterward.

8 thoughts on “Here is the BBC Radio Interview-Updated”

  1. You did very well Troy! Thanks to you, Jon and so many others for serving, the liberals can have their 15 minutes of radio fame any day or any time in our blessed country. Sadly, many of them forget they should use their ears and tongues proportionally.

    Press on!

  2. Good for you. I was glad to hear the support from around the globe for the US; it seems our own people are our biggest detractors. That Lydia has never visited an oppressed nation; how could she compare a bomb strike (which are not done willy-nilly) to civilians being pulled off a bus and beheaded?

    And she ranted on who feels worse, the parent or the soldier? That’s like the “who is more patriotic” argument. Of course the parents feel worse – BUT – the intent behind the action is fundamenatlly difference. And the dissing that US soldiers aren’t strongly affected when civilians are killed was abhorent. If Lydia was in Afghanistan, she would be beaten, raped and killed for expressing the opinions that she can freely do in American. Too bad she doesn’t think that the Afghans don’t deserve that same freedom.

    As the Afghan on the ground said “The problem is peace and security.” That isn’t acheived only through “listening”, it takes some military action (and behalf those who cannot defend themselves.)

    Kudos to the moderator trying to keep it balanced (letting everyone speak), and calling Lydia on her harsh comments, which so often are glossed over.

    Keep up the truth, brother.

  3. Thanks Joe. I appreciate the kind words and support. If you really want to get your blood in a boil, go read the updated link on this post to the blog’s comments for the radio show itself.

  4. Haven’t listened to your thing on the Beeb, but don’t really need to because I live with the same mentality every time I turn on the CBC here. Is hard not to miss the sneering tones when they talk about the US military.

    Be assured that this is one Brit here who always stands with the troops, even as I scream to my radio “you have to make peace before you can KEEP the peace.” (Canadians at home go on and on about Canadians as peacekeepers of course!)Once I get over the screaming and turn the radio off, I go write, either on my own blog or to one of our troops (I mean one of ALL our troops, of course ;))

    I am off to go leave a comment of my own on the BBC site.


    Blood pressure meds are a staple in my house.;)

  5. Great job. The bias and sneering was exactly what one has come to expect from the “beebs”. Like a dog returning to its vomit, they repeatedly “push” their superiority and wishful thinking agenda even when facts won’t support them. That they are so easily able to find useful fools here in the US to agree with them only proves that P.T. Barnum was right. Thank you, sir.

  6. Super job Son! Well done considering you had to deal with a person that has no inkling what it is like to be in a war zone. Everyone has an opinion but unless they have walked in a pair of combat boots; they need to think twice before opening their mouths to prevent making an idiot of themselves. You handled it very well and it was a very interesting show.

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