BBC Radio Interview

Between 1:00 and 1:30 PM EST today I will be interviewed on BBC World Service Radio discussing the subject of the surge in Afghanistan and whether or not it is a good thing and if it will make a difference. This show is heard around the world and will have callers phoning in questions.

One of the show’s producers contacted me this morning asking if I would be willing to participate. Of course I said yes, and without question I am very honored and flattered to be asked to do so.

You can listen live at

or you can listen live or to the archive later here;

5 thoughts on “BBC Radio Interview”

  1. You did awesome, Troy. That American woman (or the one with no accent, I should say) needs a serious attitude readjustment though. I’m just sayin’……

  2. Thanks LL, I appreciate that. I am surprised I kept my cool as well as I did, especially when I heard that one person refer to Obama as President already. I am truly amazed how people who have never put on a pair of combat boots can be such experts at what it is like to be a soldier. Simply friggen… amazing.

  3. I know I did too and was glad that I was on mute. I wanted to address that but it was so busy on there with so many “experts” talking that I never had the opportunity to mention it before the show ended.

  4. You did an AWESOME job backtracking to the point where the Afghani said we’re just bombing and not on the ground “with the people.” I could tell you were chomping at the bit to address that one. It’s unfortunate that some people just heard what they WANTED to hear and then twisted your words. Oh well, ’tis The Left that we speak of. What’s to be expected?

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