ACM try to take town

I first started writing this blog to talk about this story, which came out two days ago. This story is a phenomenal read as it tells the story of a brazen attempt by the ACM to attack (referred to as a tet-offensive style attack) and take the capital city of Helmand province, Lashkar Gar. This is not a small town, and even though I have never been there I am sure the British run PRT is no small place either. I know how big the US PRTs are and I could not imagine anything short of 1000 enemy attacking from all directions to even stand a chance at taking over a PRT. After you read this above article, you will see why large-scale frontal attacks from ACM forces in Afghanistan are as rare as solar eclipses. We have the eyes in the sky and whenever groups of Afghan met get together (especially with weapons), we see it. When we see it, we take them out.

Well as I was writing this tonight, I picked up on another article. This one here just came out and is about a second attempt to do the same thing on Tuesday night. This article here, details the deja vu from 2 days before. Yes, the ACM forces are not good at learning from past lessons. Actually I talked about this the other day, when I mentioned that in the war against the soviets how the freedom fighters would attack from the same place and in the same fashion time and time again. Problem with the soviets doctrine was that they never learned from their mistakes. Both are good reads on the attempts by ACM forces to try and stage a large-scale attack.

ACM= Anti-Coalition Militia
PRT= Provincial Reconstruction Team

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