Patriotism Week, Honor it with me

I refer to this week as Patriotism week and I hope all of you will join me in doing the same. September 11th is Patriot Day ( It was the day that this country bonded together tighter then it probably ever has in history. There were no political parties, there was no race, there was no religion, there was no “you look different than me”. We were all Americans on that terrible day and for quite a while after that. So I am calling this Patriot week. In honor of this week, the week hosting the date of September 11th, I am going to have multiple videos of Patriotism posts going up highlighting some of the most patriotic videos I can find.

I will run one a day or several a day, depending on how many I get time to scrounge up. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

This week is special to me for some other reasons too, and I will talk about those later on in the week.

The first video of this series is below.

Patriotic Bouhammer Out…

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