Final Patriotism Video, 7 days in September

This is the best documentary/film/movie/etc. that I have ever seen made about the events of September 11th, 2001. The film focuses exclusively on the happenings in NYC and does not cover the other flight that hit the Pentagon or Fight #93. This is a very, VERY powerful film that will bring out emotion in anyone that watches it. There are many parts of this film that cover in depth happenings within the city on the 11th, and the six days that followed. It touches on so many views of the people of NYC and is really educating. There were times in this movie that brought a hard lump in the back of my throat and a few times it brought tears to my eyes. Two distinct moments are the ones that show perfect strangers standing in a circle, holding hands and singing Amazing Grace, and the people arguing one moment and then crying and hugging the next.

In honor of today, I have decided to make this the only post for today. I cannot think of any words that I could type which would express what today means better than this film. This is Patriot Day, this is September 11th, so please take the 80 minutes out of your day and watch this film which has been made commercial-free this week by Snagfilms. For anyone that cannot be in NYC , outside Pittsburgh, or at the Pentagon on this day I think watching this would be a good way to show remembrance.

With material from almost 30 filmmakers, director Steven Rosenbaum turns the tragic events of September 11, 2001—the memories of which are forever jarred in our psyches—into a moving portrait of emotion, loss and even kindness. Although the film uses footage of the horrific attacks on the World Trade Center and the resulting catastrophic loss, it also hones in on New York City’s tremendous ability to rebuild, through will and compassion.

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  1. Troy: All of us at SnagFilms (and 7 Days’ Director Steve Rosenbaum) are extremely grateful for your service to our nation, and for your generous words about Steve’s film and the overall Remembrance set of films we offered on SnagFilms last week (they’re still available, along with all 400 of the films in our library). The entire week was a very special one for us, and your support meant a great deal.
    Best regards to you, your family, and your readers,
    Rick Allen
    CEO, SnagFilms

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