Radio Interview on K-talk

In case you were reading this blog back on August 5th then you may remember me putting out a message about doing a radio interview with Mark Maxon on Ktalk radio out of Salk Lake City. I was on the show with David Stanford who is a good friend of mine and the Duty officer of The Sandbox website. We were on there talking about The Sandbox book and trying to get some publicity for it.

For those that missed it, here are the mp3 files from the radio show. The 1st file is mostly of David talking about the book with Mark. At 17 min 30 sec into the 2nd file Mark is back on with both David and I to talk about the book some more. Since David talked through most  of the first one, Mark spent more of the 2nd half of the radio show talking to me. You will hear him try to spin me on a few questions, but I think I did OK in staying focused on facts and not letting any political spin turn the interview around.

1st Hour of Interview

2nd Hour of Interview

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