Facing off against the demons

This, http://www.armytimes.com/news/2008/06/army_nate_self_062308w/, is a great story about CPT Nate Self. Nate played a major roll in the famous battle of March 2002 knows as Roberts Ridge or the Battle of Anaconda. If you have ever read the book Robert’s Ridge or Its a Good Day to Die (I have done book reviews on both in this blog), then you will probably recognize Nate’s name. He was a platoon leader in the 75th Ranger Regiment and led his platoon to the top of Takur Ghar. I saw Takur Ghar many times and I used to stare at it an try to imagine how they fought up there.

Anyway, this article is about how a brave, decorated and hooah Ranger officer faced off against and fought in the greatest battle of this life, the battle against the demons of PTSD. I will be adding his book to my reading list and will be sure to do a book review on it.

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