Backing up The Bouhammer Plan

I didn’t realize that my buddy and fellow First Sergeant, CJ, over at Soldier’s Perspective wrote a blog entry back on April 13th, 2008 that is very similar in theme to the Bouhammer Plan. If you liked or didn’t like what you read in the posting called Bouhammer’s Plan, you should head over to and read CJ’s blog. He has some really good points and supports those with facts.

Bouhammer Out..

1 thought on “Backing up The Bouhammer Plan”

  1. Hi, read the Plan, thought about it, and disagree for the following reasons:
    GWOT is an insurgency war, there is no end date, it will go for generations and victory is social and political, not military. How do I know this, having served in the South African Army as a draftee during the war in Namibia, which began in 1966 and ended in 1989 when a political settlement was found, I would have been the hell in if I’d been made to stay in the army to fight a 23 year war!

    WW1/2/Korea were conventional wars, which could be settled with arms, terrorist wars cannot, ask the Brits about Northern Ireland…

    Great blog,
    my 5c

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