A movie to keep an eye out for


This looks like it might be really good. It is a documentary movie of the National Training Center (NTC) in Ft. Irwin, CA. I have four tours at NTC, three as bluefor (good guys) and one as opfor (bad guys). I think this will be a really good documentary that will educate the American people about the level of training and preperation the US Military does to prepare for combat.

2 thoughts on “A movie to keep an eye out for”

  1. Troy, It’s a very good movie. It accurately reflects how the Army is training its troops for the realities on the ground in Iraq. It also talks about the changes made to account for troops now deploying to Afghanistan. They are building towns that resemble Afghani villages.

    The movie tells the story from two angles: that of the BLUFOR unit and that of the role player townspeople. I have a review up on ASP.

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