Mike T Guest Blogger: The demons stay here

So everyone has been following the news, especially about our brothers back east from the 173rd (may they rest in peace). There is a state of panic and anxiousness where I am at. There are big plans in the works for things all across the country as I type this, but so far little response after the incurring attacks on US/Coalition Forces. We have officially become the “old” guys here on the teams and we are under our 60 day mark. All of us are trying to find our own ways to deal with our short-timers attitude and well to simply stay alive. I have been sidelined by an unexpected injury, a hamstring tear. My days of running missions for the last month are out of the question. The weird part is I do not feel guilty or as if I am missing out on something. My brethren here have been very supportive and well I think a bit happy about it. I have a new team (again) which is very common for the ETT/PMT studs to rotate in to fill gaps. This new team has been here only a short time but biting at the chance to deal damage to the bad guys with their ANA counterparts. I applaud them for their positive attitudes during this surge of violence. I was told to rest up, help with anything I can concerning the team, but most importantly enjoy the earned down time. I was going through with my team NCOIC about my NCOER, end of tour award, and all that other stuff you have to deal with. In doing so, I have accomplished over 100 combat patrols. To say the least they added up pretty quickly. My hair was blown back on that!!!
I saw that my post was also put onto The Sandbox.com with the great guys from Doonesbury. I want to let everyone know that since I have been back I have gotten a new found perspective. Rest and the love of family and friends has helped me back on a normal course. We all take steps to “get straight” before we head back to the real world. For me, this is the end of my Army career. After 11 years I am walking away for personal reasons, but before I do so, I have made a promise to make sure my mind, body, and soul have come full circle to put this all behind me as so many others have had to do. All of us, whether in Afghanistan or Iraq, regardless of how many tours have had to deal with demons. I came back here again to deal with mine. This time though, I can honestly say that they will stay here. For all those who have commented, supported, and read the posts….THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT. Michael

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  1. I wish you the best of luck with the demons and nothing but success for those who replace you and whatever plans are in the works.

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