Generation Kill Review

I just finished watching the new HBO mini-series called Generation Kill. There has been a lot of news and critic coverage of this show, including a pre-screen blog entry written by my buddy, Army Girl. The mini-series is based on a book with the same title written by Evan Wright, who was one of the first embedded reporters.

The show brought back a lot of memories, not from my tour in Afghanistan but believe it or not from when I was in the first Gulf War in 1990-1991. The things the Marines went through waiting around, the preparation, and even more so the sick sense of humor and dialogue. Actually the sense of humor, crude jokes, and language sounds exactly like my last 21 years in the Army.

Soldiers, Marines, anyone who lives in the suck and faces death every day in combat has to joke about it. It is not the boy scouts and I am glad to see the producers did not try to gloss over what it is really like by making it PC. Anyway, I highly suggest setting your TIVO, DVR, VCR, whatever you have on the future episodes if you are not able to watch it at 9PM Sunday on HBO. If you missed tonight’s episode, I suggest finding someone that did record it in order to know the characters prior t next week episode.

There have been references to this being the Band of Brothers of the Iraq war, and I think that is a fair assessment from what I have seen so far. You can read more about the series and watch trailers at

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