Blogger’s Roundtable with COL. Cuddy

This morning I was able to participate in a Blogger’s roundtable with COL John Cuddy (Commander of the Regional Police Advisory Command-South in Kandahar, Afghanistan). I checked out his bio prior, which you can read HERE, and I thought he looked familiar. He started the session with a really good and thorough opening statement. After the one other blogger asked her questions, I started to ask mine. After I introduced myself, he caught me off guard by calling me First Sergeant and then telling me that he sat in one of my briefings at Ft. Drum when I was up there teaching the Brigade my lessons learned from Afghanistan.

There were only two bloggers on this call, which was a shame, but I did take the opportunity to ask several questions and have what amounted to a one-on-one conversation with him at the end. Overall it was a good roundtable and I look forward to conducting roundtables with him again in the future.

You can read the transcript from the entire session HERE. To listen to the mp3 archive of the roundtable at

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