A good blog to read today

My good friend who goes by RN Clara Hart sent me an Instant Message the other day to give me a heads up / warning about this blog post. She told me that it was about to go on the sandbox and with her knowing a little of what I have went through in the past, plus what I went through in the last 2 weeks with losing one of my previous soldiers in Afghanistan she wanted me to know it would be there in case I read it. She wanted to make sure I was prepared to read this.

As with all of her posts, this one is awesome. Her writing will pull at your heart strings, cause that stinging lump to form in the back of your throat and at the same time make you damn proud to be an American and glad that we have people like this treating our wounded. I cannot encourage you enough to please go over to http://gocomics.typepad.com/the_sandbox/2008/06/carnage-of-the.html and read that posting.

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