WTF were they thinking?

You have to head over to blackfive at and read this blog post. I heard about the helicopters, but to also be shipping an uparmored HUMVEE without escort is downright criminal also. This is just as big a screw up as when the Air Force shipped nukes across the USA by accident. There is someone in the logitics side of house that needs to be investigated and hung by thier nads for this.

Once when I was in A-stan we shipped a Russian-made D30 howitzer from my FOB in Sharana to FOB Bermel on the back of a jingle truck, but we had 30 ANA in a couple of trucks and six Americans in two HUMVEE gun trucks guarding it the entire way.

Is is stuff like this that makes me shake my head and wonder how someone could have thier head so far up thier fourth point of contact. Not just one person either, but all the ones who knew this would be happening.

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