Mike T Guest Blogger: Lawn Maintenance Repairmen

Bouhammer Note; This may seem like a confusing post, but I am sure if you read between the lines and take your time with this, the true intent of Mike’s message can be see. Picture of Mike on mission at the end of the post.

The Lawn Maintenance Repairmen operate throughout Afghanistan. They are a special group that is entrusted to maintain and run key operations in the lawn department. They are frequently seen attending to the most specific details of their small piece of green area never really focusing on any other part of the lawn. They are constantly seen carrying all their required tools that are in pristine condition and seem content on rarely being seen and never heard. Their piece of greenery is cozy, comfortable, and unmatched by those who do not attend the greening portion of daily business here. They are an amazement to watch as they go from green spot to green spot as if they were floating butterflies. They are never distracted by the heat, lack of sleep, or lack of knowledge of their specific job, perception is reality to them and their superiors.

These individuals are rewarded by being allowed to cultivate in areas that they feel truly benefits the groundskeeper, keeping their grass perfect in the eyes of the HQ here, seemingly untouched by the reality that they are grounds keepers in the desert and well, there is no grass to attend too. They are a marvel because they plant seeds that never amount to any growth here, but they suck up precious water and other valuable supplies needed by those non-lawn maintenance types. It is a shame that grass can only grow in very specific areas here and even in key months of the year. The other amazing thing is that everyone knows this but they continue to tend to their little piece of plush green carpet.

If you have Lawn Maintenance Repairmen in a location near you, thank them for creating such a magnificent piece of disillusionment, but be forewarned they will criticize you for walking on their grass and questioning their true purpose. These individuals protect their precious existence by all costs and in the end the only thing you will end up with is a piece of dried out dead grass clumps, for they are the ones with the elegant piece of property here.

Note: When I tried to grow my own piece of green elegance, I was told I was out of my lane and my help in adding some more green to the area was scrutinized by the well qualified keepers of misperception and uselessness. I guess I just don’t have what it takes to have a green thumb around here!!!!

Village of Golestan, April 2008

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  1. God bless brother, I will go back to the wounderfull land of green patches , and this time I am taking some Round-UP! Wish I had you going back with me Mad Mike! It won’t be the same, but I will still be calling you for help. Stay frosty buddy!

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