Blogger’s Roundtable with COL McGrath #3

This afternoon I participated in another DOD sponsored Bloggers Roundtable sessions with COL McGrath, who is the Commander of ARSIC-South. ARSIC South has lost a lot of coalition (US and non US) soldiers/marines in the last nine days. In addition, they have had the now-famous Kandahar prison break happen and the temporary siege of the Arghandab district by Taliban militants. There were about eight journalists/bloggers on the session with COL McGrath which contributed to a wide variety of questions being asked. I personally asked him three questions, including a personally tough question that I asked at the end, which was even tougher for him to answer I am sure. This is one of the better roundtable sessions I have been on and I encourage all who are interested in Afghanistan or our servicemembers to take 30 minutes out of your day and listen to it.

You can listen to it at

1 thought on “Blogger’s Roundtable with COL McGrath #3”

  1. Very good session! Good questions and Col McGrath is very nice to take time out of his busy schedule to share this information with us. I like hearing it from the real source; not CNN. Appreciate everyone participating in these roundtables. God Bless our troops!!

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