An unwanted milestone- UPDATED

“The number of U.S. and allied troops killed in Afghanistan in June has reached 40 — the highest monthly toll of the seven-year-old war….”

The rest is at the link below. I wonder how BG Votel feels about his overly optimistic comments now? If you are not sure what I am talking about, you can go back to a few postings in my blog from April HERE and March HERE.

There is one more link I wanted to put with this posting. This is a good story on the comments from the new maneuver commander that is on the ground, MG Schloesser, about the increase of attacks in the E/SE sector. This was my old neck of the woods when I was there. This is also there area where you may have seen reports recently about 55 enemy fighters killed in one battle and 22 in another battle.


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