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You should head over to the ARSIC South blog site and check out this entry, http://arsicsouth7.wordpress.com/2008/06/20/afghan-villagers-caught-in-the-middle-of-conflict/ . It looks like this was reprinted from a reporter’s story, but what makes me want to spread the word about this is the fact that he captures exactly what I tell a lot of people about how the Afghan people just want security. Many of them don’t care who is in charge, as long as thier family is safe and they can lead productive lives raising thier families. This is no different than what any of us in America want, except for the fact that they have a much harder time doing it over there.

As highlighted in the story, we cannot be everywhere  in the country at one time, so this cuases us to leave areas alone and that is where the enemy moves into. It is not that the Afghan people do not like coaltion forces, it is that the enemy forces bully them to provide assistance and the people just want to be left alone and be safe. This is no different then when a murder happens in the inner-city and regardless of the number of people that see it, nobody helps out the cops becuase they don’t want to be invlolved or get killed themselves.

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