The Reason

I Just wanted to drop a quick note to all and ask that you don’t forget the real reason for this long weekend. It is not about sales at Walmart or Lowe’s. It is to take a moment and remember all that have fallen in service to this country. Regardless if it was in the Global War on Terrorism, Vietnam, WWII, a training mission, or an accident while serving in the military. All that have served and never were afforded the opportunity to come home to their loved ones are the reason that we have this weekend and why I hope all who read this take the time to say a prayer for them and their families on Monday.

I know for me today, I personally thought of and prayed for many fallen soldiers and friends. They had names like Kutz, Randazzo, Legier, Roustum, Schuester, McLoughlin, Rafferty, Deghand and of course there have been countless others that many in this great country have cried over.

More to follow in the coming days about how my Memorial Weekend went. I can tell you it was an awesome 4 days on the east side of New York state, spending time with my two room-mates from Afghanistan (Prohpet and Puss), seeing many old friends, taking my family to see all of the history at West Point and then taking part in an awesome Memorial Day parade and tribute ceremony in one of the coolest little towns I have ever been to, Millbrook NY. Anyway more on that in the next few days I hope.

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  1. “The Afghans are terrific fighters. They plan their own offensive missions. They are that far along. They are that good. If someone attacks them, they go out after them,”

    Excellent. More signs of progress. I hope the American Nation can come to understand what is at stake here.

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