Book Review Needed

I have been actively pursuing many different outlets to try and get a professional book review of The Sandbox book. In order for it to really take off and get huge national coverage and attention, it really needs a professional review. So I have written Glen Beck, Bill O’Rielly, Good Morning America so far to try and get them on-board and review it.

Of course I guess getting Oprah to review it would be the ultimate publicity, but not sure I have those connections. I am also trying to get USA Today and Military Times to do a review. If anyone reading this has any connections with anybody that could do a review, please contact me via leaving a comment on this entry or email me at and I will touch base with you.

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  1. Reply

    Bouhammer: Is “The Sandbox” your book? (I must admit I haven’t heard of it yet.) Get me some details and I’ll try to get a book review up on it. Nope, I ain’t one of the big guys but between MarineTilDeath and I, we can get a little interest built up. Perhaps, one of my contacts can get it into something National.

  2. Ari


    I’m a producer at a DC radio outlet and may be able to help out. But my email to your admin address bounced back. Please contact me. Thanks

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