Bloggers Roundtable with LTC Richard Hall

This morning I was on another blogger’s roundtable session with the Commander of 2/7 Marines, LTC Richard Hall. LTC Hall and the 2/7 Marines are an entire Battalion dedicated to training, mentoring and leading the Afghan National Police in the southern sector of Afghanistan. You can listen to the roundtable at;

3 thoughts on “Bloggers Roundtable with LTC Richard Hall”

  1. It’s very helpful and quite a relief to have the input that Lt. Col. Hall is providing for the families. As the mother of a 2/7 Marine, any and all information that we get from LtCol Hall is greatly appreciated. It provides a great deal of peace of mind. Thank you, sir, for showing your concern for the families.

  2. Tramadol Order Uk Only by accident did I come upon this site. To “the mother of a 2/7 Marine,” I will do my best to keep you all informed of what your incredible Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, AND civilians are doing over here; especially since the media does a poor job of communicating good news stories; the stories that Americans should know about, and that families should feel proud about–knowing that YOU are a partner to this noble effort. Your dedication, prayers, and sacrifices are not lost upon us–thank you!
    semper fi

  3. LTC Hall, I am not sure if you will see my comment, but I consider it an honor, privilege, and very flattering that you not only took the time to read my blog but also that you posted a comment. Thank you sir. If at any time there are stories that you would like to get out to the general public or if you are interested in being part of a virtual interview with me later in your tour, please let me know. I am working directly with the ARSIC-S PAO office and TF PHX PAO and know the staffs of both very well and on a personal level.

    Troy (Bouhammer) Steward

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