The Truth comes out

A while back I wrote my displeasure with the BG Votel’s comments about how he thought this year was going to be one low in violence as he and the rest of the Brigade from the 82nd were about to to leave Afghanistan. I took it as he was somehow taking credit and pumping up the Brigade as the saviors of Afghanistan. Well I still feel that is his motivation, but I wanted to quickly mention that happenings in the last 24 hours contradict BG Votel’s opinion and support mine. My feelings are that this year will continue to build on the trend of each year being the worst one since 2001, by progressively having more violence, more brazen attacks and newer enemies to face.

First you should check out this link, where MG Schloesser warns of the attacks this year could be record setting and how the increase in the east/southeast will be by virtue of the porous border with Pakistan and the enemy coming from there. Also in the last few hours, President Karzai of Afghanistan just escaped a very bold assassination attempt on his life in front of large group of people by at least three and possibly up to six attackers. You can check the story out on at,2933,352751,00.html or at, which is carrying many stories about it.

Recently I asked the Question “Are you ready for War?”. In reality it does not matter if you are or not, it is happening. I just hope and pray that the American people realize this and step up as a nation to support the military and its people. Your sons and daughters are coming back in way you never imagined and they will all need your help.

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  1. I’ve been very skeptical of the reports of outlooks for lower violence and activity, and chalk it up to wishful thinking. Yes, things are getting better for some areas, but it’s very tenuous and offset by increased activities elsewhere. I remember reading your post “Are you ready for War?” Good stuff. As always.

  2. America has been delusional about our two wars ever since 9/11. The military is so divorced from mainstream culture that to most people, reporting from Iraq/Afghanistan is just a news article about some people they don’t know or have never met. The biggest misconception of our time is that war is fought by a small group of people instead of a nation. Bad times for America.

  3. Exactly – delusional is a good word. And I worry what this is building for our country’s future. I have no family or friends in the military and no experience with “the military world” and admit I’m still pretty clueless in a lot of ways. But I’m trying to stay somewhat informed by reading milblogs and other credible sources. That’s why I so appreciate blogs like yours – helps me understand things and makes me think. And that’s why I send care packages to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and look for ways to support our veterans in the local community. My modern day version of a Victory Garden.

    It makes me angry and embarrassed to see Americans and American leaders so oblivious to the realities of what’s going on and what’s needed to support our deployed and returning troops, and seemingly determined to believe any happy fluff that is so obviously contrary to the real picture on the ground. Angrier still that our leaders don’t ask ANYTHING of our citizens (except shopping – OMG) and drop the ball with our deployed troops and veterans.

    Rant over. Time to pack a box for my guys in Afghanistan. That always makes me feel better.

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