I am looking for comments on my posts. I want them and I am interested in them. I have this new blog software up and running pretty good now. Any more changes to it will simply be just new features. I had hundreds of people subscribed to the old one and I am watching them slowly convert over to this one.

I am so sorry for the confusion and the effort on the part of my readers, but this change was necessary as the older software I was using just could not cut it anymore.

Troy (Bouhammer)

11 thoughts on “PLEASE COMMENT!!”

  1. I like the format of your new softwear for your blog site. It is easy to read and I like the “categories” on the right. Looks great! Also I like the guest bloggers because it is interesting to learn what is going on over there and in places other than where you were. Praying for Jon and all our troops safe return!!

  2. The changes are very nice 🙂
    Thanks for keeping this blog up , it helps a lot more than you will ever know .
    Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do /have done .

  3. Love the new look. Thanks for keeping this going. My prayers are with your son and all he is deployed with.


  4. I like the new format too Troy. Keep up the good work. Afghanistan needs to be in the public awareness. We are at war people. Get a grip. Glad the Marines are there so they can ‘get some!’ After what happened yesterday with the attack on Karzai you just know the Taliban are about to make this year the worst yet for our troops.

  5. Troy,

    I like the new site. I can’t read it at home (Major 🙁 ), so I read it at work. I agree with enjoying the guest bloggers. I’m looking forward to seeing your son’s entry(ies). I didn’t transfer my subscription because on the old blog I was subscribed via email, which isn’t an option here. I don’t like the RSS feed format. Instead I have subscribed through the milblog site run by JP.


  6. Hi Troy,
    thanks for your service, and for your son’s service and sacrifices. And a huge Thank You to your family for their sleepless nights and many prayers for the both of you! Keep on bloggin’, especially love the guest bloggers, and I also check out the Buffalo News blog site, since I am in NY too. All my best, joanne

  7. Hi Troy,
    Unlike some others, I’m finding this one harder to read. Maybe it’s just my aging eyes, but the letters are too squished together. Can you change the font? Can I change the font for myself? :o)

  8. Hi Troy,
    This is much better for me–much easier to read!
    Thinking about your son and hoping things are going well for him! Tell him to take care!

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