JON GUEST BLOGGER: The more remote the better it is…sometimes

It seems that the smaller you are the less noticeable you are. What I mean is the more you can get away with, the more freedom you’ll be granted. Just do your job and the less B.S. you have to deal with. The brass (senior officers) is probably the biggest cause of this B.S. Having 5 or 10 seagulls (Colonels) with nothing better to do but look at stuff that might be wrong or things they don’t like just adds to the misery. It reminds me of the two old men on Muppets criticizing everything around them, never once looking at themselves. I’ve personally seen more higher-ranking people with jacked up uniforms than the lower enlisted.

It seems the higher up (in rank) you get, the more jacked up your beret gets. Sorry for ranting, hypocrites tend to piss me off. The point is that I feel fortunate that I am at a small FOB so I don’t have to deal with brass at other larger FOBs. Now you don’t want to be in a FOB so small that you’re one of 6 Americans being guarded by a company of ANA. That might be too small.

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