Changes to the Blog

In light of all the SPAM I was getting in the comments section of my different BLOGS, and with having some time today to work on it I made some changes.

I have upgraded the BLOG software I use, which allowed to me target those entries and delete them. I have also installed a SPAM checker that will filter all comments and check them to see if they are SPAM. If the software thinks they are then it will direct the person to a page telling them that. If you are a valid person who is trying to leave me a legitimate comment, and it thinks you are leaving SPAM it will tell you what to do. I will also be reviewing the logs and making sure it does not falsely accuse someone of being a SPAMMER.

Lastly I made changes that allow a person to monitor and read the BLOG through an RSS reader. I know some had told me they could see updates to the blog but could not click on them through a reader.

You can now get to the RSS feed of the Afghan Blog at

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