FIG anyday

I never really knew much about FIG before I got there, and based on the intel I had heard I was not looking for much when I got there. However I was surprised and pleased when I did get there. FIG offers a lot to any visiting unit. There is a plethora of ranges to handle everything from CAS to 9mm. The ranges are all close, training area is close to get to, the PX and clothing sales are also close to where the soldiers stay. All things that are not possible at Ft. Drum. FIG is a much better base to train at and especially live fire at. The ranges are all mowed (best RETS range I have seen in 18 years of service), they are easy to occupy and clear, and offer much more than shooting areas. There is a Leader Reaction Course, MOUT site, full obstacle course, rappelling tower, etc. The biggest downsides to this post are the commo problems posed by the terrain and the lack of useable LZs. In the recon world there are usually only two way to get where you need to, humping or flying. Of course flying is the most preferred. There was only one real LZ to use, having more would be nice, but the terrain is rough and short of a using a Artillery firing point, I am not sure there are many more places to use. The mountains that form the GAP require a re-trans to be established for any type of comms. Commo is tough and even cell phones are without service except in a few select areas. Overall though the base is great for a unit to deploy to for a MUTA5 – AT timeframe. Oh, the ticks are a major issue too, and everyone freaks out over lyme disease. There is no re-cockaded woodpecker to worry about, but you can bet that a tick can stop or slow training in a second if it is buried into someone.


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