No Court-Martial for Brave Marine.

I am so glad that the Commanding General of the 1st Marine Division decided not to pursue a court martial on the young CPL that shot the Iraqi. The only reason this became an issue is because the cameraman was there. This kind of stuff happens all the time. There is no way the Arm-chair generals back in the US could even imagine what the hell that soldier was going through. Just the day before he has his best friend blown up in front of him and parts of his friend all over him. Fallujah was a terrible place at that time, and it was a full-blown battle. It is sad that a court martial was even considered. The only good thing that probable came of it, is that the young soldier got a break from the battlefield because of the investigation and they brought him back to Camp Pendleton. Even though I am sure he would have rather been there with his battle buddies taking the fight to the enemy, it was probably good for him mentally.

It is sad however that the media gave more attention to that subject than they did to the four Americans whos burnt and mutilated bodies were hung from the bridge in Fallijah, or to the hundreds of massacred bodies that have been discovered in Iraq since Sadaam has been removed. How easy it is to forget those barbaric acts. Well, bottom line is that the soldier is cleared to get back to mission. Hopefully he gets promoted and recieves an award for having to put up with all this BS.


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