About Time!

So they have started two new large operations in Iraq, Operation New Market and Operation Squeeze Play. I am glad to see the Iraqi Govt finally getting tough on terrorists. See since the Govt was put in place they have a say in all large scale military operations and IMO they have been soft and not pursing the terrorists as they should have. I guess they finally had enough last weekend when several of their top Govt officials were all assassinated in a 72 hour period. Too bad it did not take just a few US Soldiers getting killed to get their attention. I realize this may seem like I am arm-chair quarterbacking from over here, but I am not. I know that I may not see the whole situation and there may very well be other factors that delayed them in taking serious action but from what I do know these are my feelings.

We can keep screwing around and doing a little here and a little there or we can sweep through and strong arm as many suspects as we need to. From a friend that is part Syrian and knows this part of the world well, “these people only understand and respect power and domineering influence”. They do not respect the “please may I” PC world that we live in. Personally I don’t care if you have to put someone on a box with wires to them that lead no where or take pictures of someone in their underwear to get them to talk or break their spirit, do what it takes. Just make sure whatever action you take will get the result you want.

When I was in the first Gulf War, we used to say “the way home was through Baghdad”. Little did we know that we would be cut short at the time. This time the soldiers that were in the invasion force said the same thing. Now the soldiers that are over there are in Baghdad and the way home for them is to rid the country of these foreign terrorists and for the Iraq Govt to stand on its own. The ONLY way that will be done is to sweep that country of all the trash and filth that occupies it on the coat-tails of terrorists and Bath Party leaders.


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